About Us

WEBSOFTZ is a dynamic company with techno enthusiasts. We want to give something unique but useful. We know how to exploit technology. We are experimental and open to new challenges. We believe “Nothing is impossible” if we know the technology right. We are into this field since 2005 and earlier we were active with the brand name WEBFACTORY in India.

Two years back when the whole world was fighting with COVID, we were working on our new project Startions. Co-Founder of Startions, Ms. Radhieck Dalal, when joined us diverted our whole focus on the requirements of students to become early age (Teen) entrepreneurs and the concept of “Studentrepreneur“. Since then we are constantly working on Startions platform to make it more and more useful for students to start their own startup. We are pretty sure that our efforts will give new wings to students to fly as Studentrepreneur. Still a lot to add and a lot of space for improvement, Startions is an early effort to offer a startup platform and our team is trying hard to make it unique.